Fruit, meat, fish and perishable / refrigerated

- Very specialized in the field of fruit-vegetables, meat and fish
- Office dedicated to the Barcelona Central market (MERCABARNA)
- Extensive experience in the handling and transport of goods under controlled temperature

Industrial Glass

- A commodity with very complex transportation and handling, we do have a great experience, as the trust placed in us by the world's largest multinational can guarantee
- We cover all transportation required for this type of merchandise, full vessel, sea container, rail and truck (both self stow and normal tautliner)


- Personal Dedication to all types of cars, especially mid-high or high range
- Total management of your car from the dealer to your door
- Clients of first world level in the field of tires
- We can manage supply all kinds of spare parts and consumables for cars

Ship Agency

- The real heart of the company, run by a family of sailors, there is always a plus to ships
- Serve all kinds of ships throughout Spain through our own offices or through our correspondents
- The vessel types most commonly recorded by us are container ships, reefer vessels, general cargo, fluvio-marine and tankers

Project Cargo

- We have 6 ships BOX, fluvio-maritime from 1350 to 2500 tons, giving us great flexibility to reach out where is located your project and reduce load thus logistics costs. We can move through rivers and very small ports (including sports)
- Coordination of stowage, through our agents can coordinate stevedoring operations at any port in the Mediterranean
- We provide tracking of our vessels to locate your goods at any time


- Department specializes in moving
- Manage your shipments and guide them step by step through everything you need to carry their belongings and vehicles to home
- We can help in acquiring material moving
- Greater specialization in ECUADOR, PERU, BOLIVIA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, ARGENTINA, VENEZUELA, COLOMBIA, BRAZIL, generally throughout South America, Central America and Caribbean